Need A Blade by Ralf Bissdorf

German fencing equipment has been an important part of my fencing career from the time I started fencing at 8. My first foil was a second-hand one from Uhlmann that came with a black handle and a blue felt. The bell guard had some battle scars, but other than that it was in a very good shape and served me well for a few years. I competed in German equipment in the following 28 years after. I have known the owners of Allstar and Uhlmann for over 20 years, and must have been to the Uhlmann factory in Laupheim over fifty times as it is only 40 miles from where I lived in Schnaitheim, Germany. 

With the reoccurrence of blades breaking, I know that the cost of buying blades makes a difference especially to those who are not from privileged backgrounds. There is clearly room for fencing to be more affordable, thus my reason for founding Need A Blade. I am proud that Need A Blade is an official distributor of Allstar and Uhlmann Fencing Equipment, specializing in the sale of electric FIE BF blades. 

Need A Blade will keep costs lean and keep things simple - our prices include free shipping. European fencers pay €91 (foil) and 125 (epee), excluding shipping, for the same blades. We do our best to match these prices. Our goal is to offer the lowest price for FIE BF blades here in the US. 

I hope you think of us when you Need A Blade. 

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Ralf won the Silver Medal in Foil (Individual) at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. He was the overall World Cup winner for three consecutive seasons. He was World Champion in Team, 4-times European Champion and has won 11 Senior World Cups.

Ralf coaches at Marx Fencing Academy in West Concord, MA. When not coaching, he is planning for his next travel destination with his wife, Joan.